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GPMS provides custom IT Solution Offerings to support global organizations and enterprises. Our IT Solution Offerings utilize Best Practices for IT Development, Configuration and Support.

IT Project and Portfolio Management

Managing Sprints, Projects, Resources and IT Budgets can be challenging for any organization seeking visibility and transparency. Having the ability to share and view project information in a secure and automated manner requires collaboration tools for scheduling, planning, financial analysis and managing risks. Our team of PPM experts can support your organization Strategy, Planning, Configuration, Customizations and Administration for a variety of tools. This allows your team to continue focusing on project work and not application setup and navigation.

Artificial Intelligence

Today organizations clearly identify the need for faster automation when it comes to business processes. An AI solution can provide the functionality your company requires with a focus on data, models and processes to support Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. Although most companies are challenged by implementing AI solutions, GPMS provides the strategies and tools to accelerate the development and deployment of AI and ML. We help create models that support the organization with Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning to advance teams with innovation and automation.


The ability to rapidly deploy application releases requires automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure. This process involves the collaboration of Software Developers and IT Operations Teams for continuous integration and continuous delivery. GPMS supports your organization with implementing DevOps strategies and practices to improve your software delivery pipeline, accelerate software releases, increase agility and automation, and enhance performance. Eliminate silos and achieve release frequency by leveraging Cloud solutions and DevOps best practices to build quality into your delivery pipeline.


As part of our Global Solutions for Emerging Technologies, GPMS is excited to introduce our Blockchain (Digital Ledger) solutions to help support organizations who are looking to get involved with the Blockchain as a method for Digital Registry, Traceability and Transparency. Whether your industry is Finance, Pharma, Technology or Government, our team can provide the proper solutions and guidance to help your organization with a Digital Ledger solution to support collaboration and commerce with your trade partners and global business units. Our enterprise Blockchain solution integrates with legacy systems, ensures data provenance, and creates an interoperable and high-performance environment focused on improving data output.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data is an asset all organization seek to manage more efficiently by leveraging solid analytics and data. Defining data metrics, models and reports to support organizations with reliable information is a task that most companies need help with. At GPMS, we utilize proven analytic methodologies, best practices and tools to define the right solutions for your company that solve complex business challenges and drive future growth. Our Reporting Solutions are platform independent and allows users to customize and extend our Digital Reports that can be shared across trade partners.

Application Integration

In many organizations, the System of Record may depend upon whom you are speaking with at the time. Companies utilize several applications and systems which is usually a combination of OnPremise, Cloud or SaaS. The need for Application Integration becomes more evident as providing a high quality product for your customers continuous to evolve. GPMS develops and deploys Application Integration solutions that are secure, scalable and easy to customize. Our Application Methodologies and Tools support data integration and integrity for high quality results.

The Journey

Welcome to GPMS! Where Innovative Technology Solutions is our core focus. We utilize Agile Methodologies and Strategies to provide our clients with: PPM, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Data Analytics solutions resulting in greater efficiency and and higher ROI.

Driving Revenue with Data Solutions

Managing Data as an Asset.

Data is an Asset

GPMS deploys solutions that provide value across global organizations. Beyond manufacturing products and services, companies are realizing their data has tremendous value and can be leveraged as an Asset.


Data is more valuable today than many physical assets. The ability to manage and monetize data is a very lucrative offering for companies seeking to add a model for increasing revenue with data.

Data Revenue Channels

GPMS provides solutions for companies looking to leverage their data and business processes as a means for generating revenue. We develop secure and scalable strategies for establishing Data Revenue Channels.

IT Service Delivery

Providing a Multi-Channel Deployment Solution

Application Tools

Our Solutions leverage 3rd Party Software Applications to provide optimal efficiency, transparency and security. As our Solution Offerings continue to grow, we expand our knowledge and expertise with Application Tools to ensure visibility, scalability, security.

Project Management
Application Development
Continuous Deployment

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