How Do Banks Get Started With The Blockchain for Trade Finance? Start With The GPMS Blockchain Assessment!

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Legacy Systems! Integration! Security Firewalls! Regulatory! Here are just some of the reasons banks are struggling with their blockchain implementations. Why are so many POC’s taking so long to get to production? Because the POC’s are not answering all the questions the business needs to address before getting additional funding for a production release. This is becoming an all too familiar scenario within the banks. When Blockchain companies were identifying Use Cases, they were basing the assumption on systems and

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ADLT™: Building Trust in Trade Finance

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Trade Finance is the lifeblood of international trade. The WTO estimates that 80-90% of all global trade relies on Trade Finance and it is TRUST that drives trade finance.

Without a trusted intermediary, there is no guarantee that a seller would receive payment for the goods they sold and the buyer would have no guarantee that they would receive the goods they purchased. By having a bank or other intermediary finance the transaction, both parties can be assured that payment will

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