A New Risk Management Initiative for Modern Businesses

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What risk management means to CIOs

Nowadays the role of a CIO has shifted from a purely operational role to more of a business transformational role. With a huge emphasis on the “digital business,” companies are now keen to look upon the CIO to not only deliver new technologies in the company, but also to elude the new risks that are associated with using them. Therefore, the CIO must consider the following as it relates to the three dimensions of risk

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Risk Management Made Easy With CA PPM

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The CEO of a company is directly responsible for three main objectives: Corporate Vision, Strategic Direction and Company Performance.

It is up to this individual to guide the overall business strategy, set realistic target goals and define corporate objectives that his or her teams will execute in an effective manner. In a domestic vaccum, this sounds very straighrforward, but because of global competition, which is increasing at a tremendous pace, traditional and linear thinking yeilds less profitability and growth year after

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The Value of Risk Management

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Greetings Everyone! Today I wanted to discuss the power of Risk Management within CA PPM. It has been my experience that when managers are overseeing project risks, there does not seem to be a clear and defined method for identifying, quantifying and escalating risks. Most managers use MS Excel spreadsheets to list the risks and then provide comments to track their weekly status. Mid-way through the project, the spreadsheet becomes very difficult to maintain and not very legible. More importantly,

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