Why You Should Choose A Project Management System Carefully

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A lot has been claimed about what factors determine the success of an organization. Some state that communication is the key, others say it is the drive for results, and still some are of the view that it’s driven by innovation. Taken as a whole, it would not be wrong to say that it lies in the input an individual gives to his or her company. Whether they are communicating, producing results or innovating, it is the individuals who are

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Three Tips To Choose a Better Project Management System For Your Company

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Managing projects is no easy task. Project managers crave for the process to be easily manageable and simple as can be. However, it is not always possible because with every project comes unique hurdles and un-forecasted problems. There are many different kinds of project management software systems that promise to simplify the process. Yet, most of the organizations are reluctant to change because of certain (often complex) features, learning curves and pure comfort with current systems. We asked dozens of

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