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Integrate Your Project Assets With CA PPM

Most Project Managers today utilize three tools when managing projects:

A Scheduling Tool (like MS Project)
MS Word (Agendas, Action Items, etc…)
MS Excel (Risk & Issues Log)

The challenge with this is there is no integration, centralization or collaboration between the three tools. If the Project Manager (‘PM’) adds a risk to the risk and issues spreadsheet, how is the impact to the project schedule quantified? How is risk assigned to other team members for resolution? How do

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Project Manager Schedule Dashboard

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Welcome to our Blog!
My name is Gordon Tampol and I am a Principal of Global Portfolio Management Systems, LLC. Our company, GPMS, is a PPM Solution Provider which focuses on supporting CA PPM, Microsoft PPM and PDWare.
Today’s discussion, we are going to focus on some very cool features for CA PPM. CA PPM provides all the robust features a PPM tool should have such as Portfolio, Project, Resource and Financial Management. It also includes reports and dashboards to help users analyze data

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