ADLT™: The Regulatory Conundrum

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Every major financial institution (Commercial Banks, Central Banks, and Stock Exchanges) is determining how best to leverage Advanced Digital Ledger Technology™ (ADLT™) to improve operations. Whether it is for trade finance, supply chain, letters of credit, official digital versions of fiat currencies, or securing equity transactions, these institutions want to find a way to leverage ADLT™ within their current IT infrastructure and processes to save money and improve service levels.

Unlike other industries, e.g. biopharma, that have a regulatory mandate to

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Changing the Face of Trade Finance with the Blockchain!

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The Blockchain has wide range of uses within several industries such as: Finance, Technology, Pharma, Healthcare, Social Enterprises and the Sharing Economy. During the past year, Blockchain technology has gained tremendous traction in capital markets as one of the most innovative and future state technologies. In the context of capital markets, Blockchain-distributed ledgers enable open-source, decentralized, replicated, shared and cryptographically secure operations that are validated by mass collaboration and can be utilized by several different lines of business. As we

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3 Challenges Still In the Way For the Blockchain In Banks!

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If you read and listen to the media, it’s really hard to get away from the fact that the Blockchain is being positioned to change the way banks and other financial institutions manage transactions and information. Change is difficult for many of us, imagine how difficult it can be for a global financial institution.   Why is it so difficult you may ask? Amongst several common issues that many banks face (cost, resources, return, time, etc.…), other challenges become even greater

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