Three reasons for leveraging the Blockchain for Clinical Trials

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What I find amazing about Clinical Trials is if there are only four phases, how can there be so much documentation and so many processes to manage? Pardon my sarcasm, but I have spent the past few weeks speaking to a dozen of companies that are looking for Blockchain solutions for managing a specific initiative within Clinical Trials.   The interesting part is that no two initiatives have been exactly the same! What is becoming painfully clear is that Clinical Trials,

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DICE – License Eligibility

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It’s hard enough to find a Clinical Investigator for your Clinical Trial but then to find one without any infractions makes it even harder. The challenge is not finding a practitioner without infractions; the challenge is the ability to validate the license eligibility of the practitioner. Many organizations today want to automate and simplify the entire Study Site Startup process but struggle in these areas due to lack of technology and accurate data. It’s hard to imagine today that information

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DICE – Debarments, Inspections, Compliance and Enforcements for Clinical Trials.

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Today, Sponsors have a growing concern about the selection of the Clinical Investigator during recruitment. As many pharma and healthcare companies outsource the entire clinical trial to CRO’s , the expectation is that the CRO’s have been diligent in their selection of an investigator in that the investigator is experienced in the field and has a clean record of trial performance. As there are many areas of concern during Study Site Startup (‘SSSU’), compliance remains a key area for the

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CA PPM for Clinical Trial Management – The Key is in the structure

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CA PPM CTM – The Key is in the structure

Why do so many Pharma and CRO companies struggle with the management of Clinical Trials? The solution does not begin at the project level. The solution begins at a much higher level. In order to manage various tasks and submissions, the projects must adhere to a structure that makes sense to the organization; however, the structure must be scalable enough as to not drive the project managers crazy in trying to figure

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