Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) from GPMS

GPMS provides Microsoft EPM/PPM as a Hosted Solution (SaaS)

Many enterprise CA PPM project management systems require a substantial investment in software, hardware and resources.

The Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM/PPM) solution leverages a suite of collaborative modules to support you project initiatives from Planning through Deployment. EPM provides the functionality necessary for IT project managers to achieve their day-to-day activities, as well as, support the executive management team by providing visibility and reporting into the enterprise IT initiatives as a whole.

The EPM/PPM solution is an architecture model based on the collaborative functionality between Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint. The EPM/PPM architecture solution provides seamless integration so your team can focus on what they do best: manage projects! Microsoft EPM/PPM integrates processes, people and software tools to create a cohesive and efficient IT project management organization.

By implementing a Microsoft EPM/PPM solution, you are getting:

  • A robust, cost-effective IT project management solution
  • Global visibility and transparency
  • A fully-configurable and customizable tool that is customizable to your needs
  • Quick delivery to users
  • A tool that requires less training than other IT project management software
  • Real-time reporting
  • Combined with our IT Portfolio Management Application Support Solution (PMASS), your organization can hit the ground running with EPM/PPM! With the PMASS five support channels, you get even faster deployment times and no extensive training. Imagine having a full IT PPM solution without the challenges of maintaining hardware, software or resources.

PMASS Support Channels

• License packages
• License discounts
• Application hosting services
• Database hosting services
• 24/7 redundancy and monitoring
• Data migration
• Application configuration
• Module configuration
• Process development
• Custom reporting
• Admin of financial processes
• Admin of scheduled reports
• Application support for resources
• Production
• Resource mgmt
• IT Project mgmt
• Financial mgmt
• Portfolio mgmt
• Cost and budget mgmt
• Training

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