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At Global Portfolio Management Systems, we strive to achieve efficiency in all we do. When we partner with your company to provide CA PPM solutions, we are able to adjust to your businesses’ specific needs and goals to deliver the most fine-tuned project management software platform possible. From customized project reporting dashboards to support and customer service needs, we are here to deliver project portfolio management solutions that keep your businesses’ projects on time and within budget.

PMASS: Portfolio Management Application Support Services For CA PPM

A few years ago, several of our clients reached out to us, asking: “How can we achieve a more efficient, streamlined process for managing both internal and external projects and resources within CA PPM?” We responded by developing a solution that thoroughly compliments and supports the growing requirements and demands for IT Portfolio Management and IT Governance. By combining our technical understanding of CA PPM with our methodologies and best practice guidelines, we have developed the Portfolio Management Application Support Service: PMASS.

PMASS is an integrated solution, utilizing both project and application administration to support clients’ internal and external operations and processes for project portfolio management. With our PMASS solution, clients no longer need to be challenged by hiring a CA PPM Administrator with the proper skill set and best practices to support CA PPM. GPMS can provide immediate CA PPM Support, with our analysts focusing on maintaining and administering a CA PPM environment that supports the businesses’ users.

The benefits of PMASS include:

  • Full-time CA PPM administration and support.
  • Administration support for all modules within CA PPM.
  • CA PPM support for custom, proprietary processes.
  • Project administration.
  • Resource administration.
  • Financial Administration.
  • More efficient project time management.
  • More transparent financial management of projects.
  • Real-time reporting capabilities.
  • Troubleshooting support and on-call client services.

CA PPM On Demand (SaaS)

GPMS understands the challenges organizations face when trying to install and implement CA PPM On Premise. In addition to hardware, software and resource costs, clients must also be able to manage updates to the system. This can be very costly and time consuming for a new organization trying to implement CA PPM.

In response to those client challenges, GPMS offers CA PPM OnDemand. Now, maintaining, upgrading, backing up and supporting you company’s CA PPM environment is our ful-time responsibility. Our CA PPM On Demand Solution allows your organization to focus on your core business and not the administration and maintenance of the application.

CA PPM OnDemand is a secure hosted environment that allows your organization to deploy and maintain CA PPM in a fraction of the time required for an on-premise installation. Our team will launch your CA PPM application and configure the core modules for you. Further, all maintenance and fix-pack installations are performed by us, not you! No additional time or money is needed to maintain a healthy CA PPM environment.

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