The Power Of CA PPM Solutions

For those who are directors, managers and project decision makers within an organization, being overwhelmed at the start of any project is a common feeling. There are many variables to track, from projected timelines of completion and budgets, to optimizing human resources and reporting segmented data sets. These are some of the cross-sections of project management that create stress for all parties involved. But with CA PPM and an experienced Global Portfolio Management Systems consultant on your team, your project woes can become a thing of the past.

CA PPM is the industry-leader for providing transparency and visibility for the core functions of project portfolio management. CA PPM allows managers and members of a project to examine the project landscape from all angles, analyze specific data and metrics both independently and comparatively and collaborate across business units to illuminate project details across departments and divisions.

CA PPM Puts Your Goals In Reach

Throughout your project lifecycle, CA PPM puts all the tools for analysis and reporting front and center. Global Portfolio Management Systems can customize the system to track and report data pertaining to:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Time & Human Resource Management
CA PPM can also enhance your project lifecycle experience by automating recurring actions, like scheduling, resource availability, financials and interval reporting.

GPMS Works With You To Launch

As our client list grows and more businesses adopt CA PPM as their project management interface and dashboard, Global Portfolio Management Systems is able to scale this growth into greater customer service. Our consultants are here to work with your team to design and customize a project management solution that makes sense. We will also implement that system into your workspace, creating a fluid integration into your workflow. We are also able to train key project managers on the usability and architecture of CA PPM, so your time is spent efficiently while compiling and analyzing the metrics that are most important. Further, support is always at your fingertips. As our client, we are here to help at any step to ensure that your business has the most seamless transition and user experience possible.

Contact GPMS Today

If you have any questions about CA PPM or how we work with your company to move you closer to your goals, contact us today. We provide a free initial consultation for interested clients. Thanks.

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