Managing by Dashboards

Posted by Gordon Tampol, Principal of GPMS on Friday, October 4, 2013

People ask me all the time: “How are you able to manage so many things in day and still go to meetings?” Well, the truth is corporate life today is just one big meeting and I don’t think verbal communication is going away anytime soon. However, I still need to be able to see information in a quick snapshot and understand what is happening in my company. This is why I use project management dashboards (or what I still call Portlets). I don’t always have the time to speak with every team manager to understand what is happening in our projects or operations; however, I still want to understand what is happening! By configuring the data in CA PPM, I can literally see information across the company from financials to project status to notifications about upcoming social events. More importantly, I can view the data anytime I want. This really helps keep me on top of things and informed of events that are occurring even when they don’t include me. The best part is I can see information graphically as well as detailed; in case someone asks me a question and I need to answer them like I know what I’m talking about.