CIDB (Clinical Investigator Database)

Step One In Managing A Successful Clinical Trial

cidb The study startup phase, which includes investigator enrollment and submission of new investigator packages, is a time consuming component of the clinical study process. In-house SOPs and protocols must be developed in accordance with any government regulations or guidance. When identifying investigators for enrollment, the investigator(s) should be qualified by education, training, and experience to assume the responsibility for the proper conduct of the trials. The investigator should be thoroughly familiar with the appropriate use of the investigational product (s), as described in the protocol, in the current Investigator’s Brochure, in the product information, and in the other information sources provided by the sponsor, requested by the sponsor, the IRB/IEC, and/or the regulatory authorities.

CIDB supports the process for Investigator Enrollment. CIDB provides information to research and identify clinical investigators from different global regions. CIDB provides investigator solutions by geographical location, practice, site location, and trial information. CIDB also provides scoring for investigators based on the information from past performances and trial experiences. CIDB allows CRO’s and Sponsors the ability to track and report on the enrollment process throughout the clinical trial lifecycle.

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