GPMS has created a suite of tools available to all Clinical Stakeholders and Sponsors.Clinical Trial Management Solutions, (‘CTMS’) helps manage and support the workflow for Clinical Trials by providing solutions for study site start up (‘SSSU’). Starting with the clinical investigator recruitment plus the associated compliance and regulatory submissions all the way through managing the clinical trial. Our CTMS is a suite of tools developed to provide insight and automation to streamline the clinical workflow process. Built on the leading PPM software (‘CA PPM’), CTMS is a collaborative source of information, which helps sponsors research, analyze and comply with all regulatory deliverables. CTMS provides solid analytics and reporting to support shared information across teams and sponsors. CTMS allows mangers transparency across the organization and supports compliance within different areas of a trial. Enhanced Dashboards and reports deliver real time and historical information to provide management with information necessary to make decisions and forecasts. Let CTMS innovate your clinical trial initiatives today.The CTMS Suite consists of the following tool set customizable for each client:

CIDB (Clinical Investigator Database) ­ – Research and identify clinical investigators from different global regions. CIDB provides clinical investigator solutions by geographical location, practice, site location, licensing, and trial information.

CTPM ­ – Our CLINICAL TRIALS PROJECT MANAGEMENT (‘CTPM’) solution provides enterprise views for analytics and reporting for managing clinical trials from a project, program and portfolio view. Managers can now seamlessly view information about their trials with information that rolls up for an enterprise view or drill down into details about an individual trial. Our CTPM solution provides information to support executive decision making to manage risk, costs and deliverables.

CTRAC­- Our CLINICAL TRACKER solution automates the startup workflow to support compliance, regulatory and logistics into a streamline process identifying key tasks and identifying areas of focus to support clinical teams. The CTRAC encapsulates the workflow and provides information to the appropriate resources of upcoming actions or tasks that must be managed within a specific time.

Contact us for more information: CTMS@globalpmsystems.com