If you have ever been involved with managing a Clinical Trial then you understand the amount of information, tasks and coordination involved for a successful outcome.  No PPM system can handle the challenge in a more structured manner than CA PPM.  Simply put:  ‘CA PPM was built for managing Clinical Trials’.  The Collaboration functionality alone within CA PPM makes CA PPM an engine to support a variety of moving parts within a single structure.  CA PPM provides the ability to structure the design and relationships between Indications, Compounds, Studies and Submissions.  CA PPM can report on all the activity between projects, plans, tasks and schedules to support an entire Clinical Trial form beginning to end.  In addition, CA PPM can provide views to manage several Clinical Trials simultaneously while supporting the Clinical Trial lifecycle.  CA PPM provides visibility into various teams, plans, programs and reports to allow managers transparency across all 4 phases of the trial.  CA PPM can also maintain historical information in terms of resources, plans and schedules to support future Clinical Trials and to leverage information from previous trials. CTMS is the leader for Clinical Trials Management by focusing on the ability to support the management of services, resources and facilities by improving the collaboration between Sponsor, CRO (Content Resource Organization) and Clinical Investigators.

GPMS has developed custom solutions to support CTMS. Our CTMS Solutions include the following:

  • Design and Architecture
  • Custom Project Templates
  • Workflow Management for Collaboration
  • CTMS Reporting
  • CTMS Dashboards

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