Whether You Choose Agile or Waterfall, Remember These 3 Key Points

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I can easily start this blog with why a project manager should choose Agile over Waterfall methodology or vice versa but that would just start a wave of comments and controversy that personally I don’t want to get involved with at this time. Fortunately, you will find advocates for both styles and case studies that can back up either. Because GPMS is a PPM Solution Provider and we get to work with several PMO’s globally, I can definitely say that

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Pharmaceutical Blockchain Bootcamp

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Announcing the first Blockchain Conference Exclusively for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry on November 16 in Edison NJ.

The BlockRx Project, an industry initiative by iSolve, is the official knowledge partner of the

“Pharmaceutical Blockchain Bootcamp” taking place on November 16, 2016 in Edison, NJ. This one-day educational conference is a critical entry point for bio/pharmaceutical and life science executives, who are in the business of securing, managing and leveraging data from R&D to clinical to commercialization. They will get introduced to the explosive

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ADLT™: The Regulatory Conundrum

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Every major financial institution (Commercial Banks, Central Banks, and Stock Exchanges) is determining how best to leverage Advanced Digital Ledger Technology™ (ADLT™) to improve operations. Whether it is for trade finance, supply chain, letters of credit, official digital versions of fiat currencies, or securing equity transactions, these institutions want to find a way to leverage ADLT™ within their current IT infrastructure and processes to save money and improve service levels.

Unlike other industries, e.g. biopharma, that have a regulatory mandate to

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Three reasons for leveraging the Blockchain for Clinical Trials

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What I find amazing about Clinical Trials is if there are only four phases, how can there be so much documentation and so many processes to manage? Pardon my sarcasm, but I have spent the past few weeks speaking to a dozen of companies that are looking for Blockchain solutions for managing a specific initiative within Clinical Trials.   The interesting part is that no two initiatives have been exactly the same! What is becoming painfully clear is that Clinical Trials,

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