CA PPM was built for Clinical Trials Management!

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If you have ever been involved with managing a Clinical Trial then you understand the amount of information, tasks and coordination involved for a successful outcome. No PPM system can handle the information in a more structured manner than CA PPM. Simply put: ‘CA PPM was built for managing Clinical Trials’. The Collaboration functionality alone within CA PPM makes Clarity an engine to support a variety of moving parts within a single structure. CA PPM provides the ability to structure the design

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Scenarios, CA PPM. Helping Managers Make Better Decisions!

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How does CA PPM help managers make decisions?
One thing I favor about CA PPM is the ability to perform Scenarios. Scenarios is a very powerful tool for it allows managers to understand the outcome of their decisions based on a few variables (Cost, Availability, Risk, etc…). Scenarios provide a comparison between the Plan of Record and a Scenario, which allows managers to provide better estimations in the event changes occur altering the planned forecast. Scenarios allow managers to understand the possible outcome

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The Value of Risk Management

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Greetings Everyone! Today I wanted to discuss the power of Risk Management within CA PPM. It has been my experience that when managers are overseeing project risks, there does not seem to be a clear and defined method for identifying, quantifying and escalating risks. Most managers use MS Excel spreadsheets to list the risks and then provide comments to track their weekly status. Mid-way through the project, the spreadsheet becomes very difficult to maintain and not very legible. More importantly,

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Project Manager Schedule Dashboard

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Welcome to our Blog!
My name is Gordon Tampol and I am a Principal of Global Portfolio Management Systems, LLC. Our company, GPMS, is a PPM Solution Provider which focuses on supporting CA PPM, Microsoft PPM and PDWare.
Today’s discussion, we are going to focus on some very cool features for CA PPM. CA PPM provides all the robust features a PPM tool should have such as Portfolio, Project, Resource and Financial Management. It also includes reports and dashboards to help users analyze data

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