Blockchain Services

GPMS Blockchain Solutions Anal & DesAnalysis and Design Prototyping   

Emerging Technologies require Analysis and Design to understand whether the planned solutions are viable for an enterprise deployment. GPMS can develop and support Functional Prototypes for your organization to view and utilize in order to make proper business decisions.


GPMS Blockchain Solutions Proj MngProject Management 

Managing and developing strategies for Blockchain initiatives requires a proven Methodology and Best Practices. GPMS can help manage and support your Blockchain initiatives by implementing the Proper Project, Resource and Risk Plans.


businessman hand using new technologyBlockchain Development and Integration 

Understanding the development landscape is the key to a successful deployment. GPMS can develop a secure and scalable solution that integrates with proprietary applications thus making your Blockchain initiative a centralized component of your company’s infrastructure.


Silhouettes of Business People and Security ConceptsTraining

Blockchain initiatives involve several resources with a variety of different levels and skill sets. GPMS offers Technical & Functional Blockchain Training for your organization. Whether its Executive Management, Operational Management or Technical, GPMS can provide the proper training and guidance for your organization to utilize Blockchain technologies.


GPMS Blockchain Solutions Cloud DepPrivate Cloud Deployments 

Security and compliance regulations may determine and govern your Blockchain solution for your company. GPMS can develop and deploy private clouds and permission based ledgers for an enhanced level of security that redefines the Peer-to-Peer model.


GPMS Blockchain Solutions Block Port MngBlockchain Portfolio Management

As an added service, GPMS provides Blockchain Portfolio Management for analyzing and managing Blockchain transactions that could be organized and categorized to help support business decisions. Blockchain Portfolio Management provides the ability to create Master and Sub Portfolios and provides the ability to manage the inclusion and exclusion of investments.