BlockChain Solution Offerings

As part of our Global Solutions for Emerging Technologies, GPMS is excited to introduce our Blockchain solutions to help support organizations who are looking to get involved with the Blockchain as a method for Digital Registry, Traceability and Transparency. Whether your industry is Finance, Pharma, Technology or Government, our team can provide the proper solutions and guidance to help your organization with the Blockchain.

Distribute Network (1)What Is The Blockchain?

The Blockchain is an electronic public ledger, which records digital transactions and serves as a ledger for audit and tracking purposes. The Blockchain is a very secure tool leveraging NSA level encryption keys and algorithms. All transactions must be signed using a private key or seed, which prevents third parties from tampering with it. As a registry, the Blockchain is the next generation technology that ultimately all retailers, financial institutions, government agencies, and businesses will utilize to support their operations.

Our Solution Offerings

Our services will prepare our partners for the management and integration with the Blockchain. Whether your company is planning a Blockchain initiative; Developing a Proof of Concept; or attempting to integrate an existing application with the Blockchain, we can help. GPMS can help manage and support your Blockchain initiatives with the following Solution Offerings:

– Integration & Architecture
– Analysis and Design Prototyping
– Security
– Project Management
– Training
– Development Platforms
– Monitoring Tools
– Private Cloud Deployments

Our Blockchain services help companies deploy their vision and enable innovative technology solutions by implementing the appropriate solution & architecture for managing and transferring digital assets over a Peer-to-Peer network. This enables transparency and the efficiency needed to move forward with an enterprise platform which adheres to security and compliance requirements.

Please download our Blockchain White Paper for more information.

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