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At Global Portfolio Management Systems (GPMS), we believe that the only way for businesses of any size to grow and realize each of their goals is through innovation.

But how do you measure innovation? How do you scale your efforts to maximize on every resource, from capital to talent, for your most important projects and initiatives?

Since 2005, GPMS has paved new roads to efficiency by first, identifying the need and demand for competent and creative IT portfolio management and second, delivering expert, value-added project management solutions that establish automation, efficiency and integration within an organization’s project or portfolio management team. The result: a cohesive and collaborative team environment that produces results on time and on budget.

Our Mission Is Centered On Customer Service And Problem Solving

Since our inception, our mission is to provide strategies and solutions within a cost-effective model to enhance and expand our partners’ revenue growth. When we accomplish this fundamental mission, our partners grow. Suddenly and systematically, new opportunities are created for both individuals and companies. This produces a chain reaction. Our partners are now able to improve and expand their customer service. This improved service generates customer demand for products, services and technologies. This is more than synergistic flow. It is the benchmark of innovation.

Our Experience Guides The Way To Efficient Project Portfolio Management

GPMS’ core management team boasts more than 50 years of combined experience delivering IT solutions that focus on project portfolio management. Our founding principals, and the guiding ethos of our company, were set in stone by several of our IT managers, who have backgrounds in a variety of industries, who had a vision of enhancing project visibility by automating the management of project goals, resources and risks. As this vision was developed, the ideas, strategies and techniques for developing and implementing IT portfolio management in a global scope were formed. Now, almost 10 years later, we pride ourselves on being a complete project portfolio solutions provider. Our customer base is established and strong but always growing. We continually provide all our customers with quality solutions, education and training with our expert consultants to guide their project goals.

Our Products And Team Illuminated

Our core portfolio and project management products include CA PPM, and Microsoft EPM. Recently, we launched CTMS for the management of clinical trials. In conjunction with our clinical investigator database, CTMS provides the most comprehensive and customizable software suite for the management of clinical trials. Our product suites, combined with our team of solution architects, functional and technical consultants, project managers and trainers, provide you organization with the tools and expertise to take on any project of any scale and scope. At all stages of your relationship with GPMS, our team is at your disposal. We strive to be a centralized knowledge source to support all of our clients’ needs.

Expertise In Government Sector Solutions

Our outstanding reputation among government clients is the result of quality, service, agility and speed of delivery. We are a small boutique firm with the ability to assess needs and propose solutions expediently and efficiently.
Given our long partnership with government clients, we have developed an understanding of government solicitation, acquisition and award processes.

GPMS has worked in various government projects and is an issued Master Order Agreement (MOA) holder under the electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks program (eFast) Our MOA is qualified and eligible to participate in the procurement process for contract awards for the functional areas: Business Administration & Management (BAM), Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD), Computer Systems Support (CSS), and Documentation & Training (D&T).
For your reference, here are open source NAICS codes from previous work and analysis:
518210, 541511, 541611, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541618, 551114
MOA: DTFAWA13A-00122 | CAGE Code: 581X1 | DUNS: 825332500

Summary Of Past Performance

Here is a short list of state and federal government agencies we’ve had the privilege of consulting and working with on high level projects:

  • FAA
  • Dept of Defense
  • Office of Attorney General
  • Office Currency Control
  • Dept of Transportation Penn
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Ohio State Medical
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Pennsylvania

Contact Global Portfolio Management Systems Today

We are here to take your project, portfolio and clinical trials management process to the next level. If you have any questions about our products or how we can help support your project portfolio management initiative, contact us today.

The core management team has over 50 years of combined experience in delivering IT solutions with a high proficiency and focus on project portfolio management. We pride ourselves on being a complete Project Portfolio Solutions provider. Our goal is to strategically implement business initiatives to enhance the project lifecycle by providing efficiency and ‘Best Practices’. Our teams of experts include Solution Architects, Functional and Technical Consultants, Project Managers and Trainers. Our experience and knowledge allows our team to deploy scalable solutions, leveraging proprietary information with enterprise processes. We strive to be a centralized knowledge source to support all of our clients. Let GPMS support your Project Portfolio Management initiative.Contact us at 800.903.5937 or email us at info@globalpmsystems.com.

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