5 Reasons You Should Start Using Cloud-Based Solutions

Posted by Gordon Tampol, Principal of GPMS on Monday, May 11, 2015

Modern businesses are quickly moving to the cloud. Simply put, “the cloud” is computing based on the Internet. Before moving to the cloud, people used to run applications on their machines with software. It was a great hassle. Not only was it a problem to acquire the application from a store, the installation process was lengthy, and it killed the speed of the machine because of the space it occupied on the memory. Upgrading meant that you needed to repurchase the newest version of the software, plus upgrade your machine to be able to comply with the minimum requirements. This all equates to a huge investment of time and money every time a new product became available in the market. To fight such issues and make the use of computers easy and profitable to businesses and even household usage, cloud-based solutions are the new, widely accepted, and appreciated, norm.

Here are five ways that the cloud helps increase efficiency and cost savings for organizations, and five reasons why you should consider moving to cloud-based solutions.

  1. Automatic Updates

Are you using any software to manage your business’s records? Has your software introduced an upgrade? Now you don’t have to purchase the upgraded version, when using cloud solutions, all it takes is a simple click to download and install the update. It’s really simple as that.

  1. Disaster Recovery

When companies switch to cloud based services, they no longer need to get involved in complex disaster recovery activities. Cloud computing service providers handle these issues, and they do it fast. Studies indicate that, in the event of a disaster or crash, a company using cloud-based services has the services back to normal hours faster than the company that doesn’t use could services and tried to manage the disaster on its own.

  1. Cap-Ex Free

Cloud-based services are typically pay as you go, so there is no capital expenditure involved at all. And since cloud-based software needs just an updated operating system to install, it is cheap, fast and instant to install and use. Businesses love minimum project start-up costs and predictable ongoing expenses.

  1. Enlarged Collaboration

Cloud computing allows all employees – wherever they are – to connect and collaborate on the project. Documents can be shared, synced, edited and run live to keep everyone onboard updated. It saves time, avoids from making unnecessary phone calls and enables a company to work with partners and colleagues globally.

  1. Increased Security

A recent global study revealed that around 800,000 laptops are lost in the airports alone. Imagine the data that is lost on these laptops. When everything is stored on the cloud, data can still be accessed no matter where the lost laptop goes. The owner can gain control of the documents stored on the cloud.

Questions About Cloud Solutions, Contact GPMS

While many businesses have adopted cloud-based solutions, many are still reluctant. This may be because of a misunderstanding or unclear picture of what the cloud is and how it works. If you have questions about how cloud-based solutions and business networks can help your business save time and money, contact us today.