How Do Banks Get Started With The Blockchain for Trade Finance? Start With The GPMS Blockchain Assessment!

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Legacy Systems! Integration! Security Firewalls! Regulatory! Here are just some of the reasons banks are struggling with their blockchain implementations. Why are so many POC’s taking so long to get to production? Because the POC’s are not answering all the questions the business needs to address before getting additional funding for a production release. This is becoming an all too familiar scenario within the banks. When Blockchain companies were identifying Use Cases, they were basing the assumption on systems and

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Collecting and Protecting Patient Data

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The goal of any clinical trial or post marketing surveillance effort (Phase IV studies) is to collect patient level data to evaluate a drug’s effectiveness while protecting the identity of the patient from those researcher evaluating the results of the trail.

The challenge in this age of readily accessible personal data is to identify ways to further protect a person’s identity for traditional clinical trials while preparing to leverage new technologies like IoMT and data collection apps to pro-actively collect Phase

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