Three reasons for leveraging the Blockchain for Clinical Trials

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What I find amazing about Clinical Trials is if there are only four phases, how can there be so much documentation and so many processes to manage? Pardon my sarcasm, but I have spent the past few weeks speaking to a dozen of companies that are looking for Blockchain solutions for managing a specific initiative within Clinical Trials.   The interesting part is that no two initiatives have been exactly the same! What is becoming painfully clear is that Clinical Trials,

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The Blockchain Challenge: Transparency vs Confidentiality

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Despite many great features and Use Cases for the Blockchain, many regulators and banks are being challenged by the type of data that should reside within a Blockchain or Digital Ledger. But is the challenge solely a Blockchain issue? The overall business vision and architecture for the Blockchain can be a fit many banks and financial institutions; however, the concept of Transparency and Confidentiality should be first clearly defined.   So what information should be stored on the Blockchain? The short

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