4 Steps to Understanding the Problem – The Beginning of a Blockchain Solution.

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I have had the luxury of discussing the Blockchain with a variety of Solution Providers, Clients, Enthusiasts, Labs and Government Agencies about the Blockchain and all of its possibilities. While there is still a great deal to learn about the Blockchain and its potential, more and more people are starting to understand the fundamentals of the Blockchain and realize that there is a better way to manage the way their organization looks at their current processes and how they can

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How Counterfeit Drugs enter the Supply Chain?

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The problem of Fake and Counterfeit Drugs within the Supply Chain is a huge problem that costs the Pharma industry billions and puts the patients at a higher risk. The challenges with fake and counterfeit drugs has a wide range of issues that expand across suppliers and consumers alike. Counterfeit drugs are those that breach the patent registered by the pharmaceutical company. If the drugs are not produced by the brand that they are being sold under or the drugs

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Why Pharma Needs The Blockchain & The BlockRx Project – Reducing Counterfeit Drug Supply

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Buying counterfeit drug as has become as easy as answering the phone, as many counterfeit drug providers use telemarketing as a way to sell their drugs (I must get 10 calls a day!!!). Drug Counterfeiting is a huge problem for Pharma. For the past 20 + years, it has become even more difficult to track drug counterfeiting due to inadequate tracking systems by regulatory agencies; lack of visibility and communication amongst pharma providers; and overall lack of knowledge for identifying

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Why is the BlockRx project necessary? Because the FDA says it is!

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So you are going to start hearing a lot more about the Blockchain, Supply Chain, Pharma and the BlockRx project over the next few months. And at this point you may be asking why? Well, the short answer is because the time and the solution has finally arrived! But the other answer is a regulation from the FDA: Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). This act states that Pharma companies must have an electronic solution in place to identify and

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