How Blockchain Can Revolutionize the Future

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In the past twenty years, no theorist of the digital age has been able to explain the next big thing in best way. There’s no stopping to technology, no one knows how far it can go. But one thing is for sure, with each passing day it is getting better, refined and more focused towards connecting the world in every possible way. Today we are witnesses to a profound technological shift that will change how the world does business over

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Blockchain Cloud – The Future of Web Apps

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When compared to the traditional cloud, the Blockchain cloud is a very thin and lightweight cloud computing infrastructure. Undeniably, it is more suitable to run the new breed of thin programs that are business logic executed on the Blockchain’s Virtual Machinery (VM). Unsurprisingly, the name Virtual Machinery derives from the traditional could computing nomenclature. But in this case it is a network of decentralized computers bound together through the internet to execute Blockchain rules i.e. to execute the logic behind

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10 Questions to Answer Before Configuring CA PPM Financials

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Why is configuring CA Clarity PPM Financials so hard? The short answer is because some things just are! But the flip side is that is doesn’t have to be as hard. Sometimes as humans we have a tendency to make things more difficult than they should be (I am guilty of this as well ☺) The good news is there are ways to make the process much simpler. Preparing for a CA PPM Financial setup could be a very daunting

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