Managing the Cost of CA PPM with Managed Services

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When implementing and configuring CA PPM, how much does it cost an organization? Well, there are definitely a few things to consider. After defining the scope and goals for implementing CA PPM, the company must consider and identify exactly how the system will be implemented, configured and administrated. Here are a few areas a company must consider when implementing the system:

Will the application be installed locally or remotely?
If installing locally, does the company have recommended hardware, software and resources?
Who will

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Using Systems to Manage Clinical Trials (CTMS)

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Clinical Trials are the single most expensive constituent of the entire drug development procedure. To be precise, they are the most resource intensive procedures within a biopharmaceutical company. It often involves tedious, manual operations to collect, cumulate and rationalize information from a wide variety of data. When dealing with such large amount of data, human errors are bound to happen. Even the slightest error can cause the entire trial to be a failure. Hence, to eliminate the risk of dealing

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