How CA PPM Helps Build Better Product Roadmaps

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During the product innovation planning processes, a product’s roadmap plays a vital role. Every organization uses a variety of roadmaps to achieve their goals. To help explain the idea better, organizations use PowerPoint to create the strategy graphically. Not only is this way of making roadmaps extremely burdensome, it is also prone to inaccuracies, delays and inconsistencies. There is no appeal in a visual roadmap if it contains mistakes. The common challenges faced by organizations when constructing a road map

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What Is Blockchain Technology & Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

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Imagine a huge stack of counted paper with some information in it that is publicly accessible anywhere and anytime? You pick a paper from that stack but you have to put it back in the same spot from where you took it. You can’t place it in a new spot nor can you change its place. And, when a new paper is added to the stack it can only be placed above all those papers, not inserted in between. This

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Automating Strategic Management Is the Key to Business Growth

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Business models are ever evolving. Today a medium sized company holds many senior employees who are given the authority to make decisions that can affect the business in a serious way. Based on the resources available and assessing the internal and external challenges of the market, these seniors are required to make tough decisions on a daily basis. If a decision is deployed as an action or task and the company begins to use it, the person responsible for making

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