5 Tips On How To Give A Great Sales Pitch for Selling Managed Services

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Businesses today require more than just the right technology. You need to make sure that you get everything right from the start in order to make use of it longer and reap more profits. Small businesses are in search of solutions that will steer them in the right direction quickly. Businesses want solutions that will make their business manageable via the cloud and mobile technologies but also maintain cost efficiency.
A huge problem for service providers today is that they focus on just

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Why Managed Services Should Be Your Top Priority

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Enjoying high quality services at a lower cost is now possible by outsourcing your burdensome tasks to managed services providers. There’s no shame in letting another company manage one or more of your departments. In fact, it is the best strategy to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. The invention of the cloud has allowed businesses to work more efficiently, productively and to be better managed without increasing costs. It is perceived in the future, most of the IT services of businesses

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Selecting Clinical Investigators for Clinical Trials

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Whenever a new drug is being introduced in the market, it has already gone through a variety of phases to determine its effects. Unless it has been found to be safe with minimum side effects, it cannot be sold commercially. To determine the drug’s safety and effectiveness it is tested on human subjects under the supervision of clinical investigators who are experts in defining the future of a drug. Running the clinical trial of a drug determines how successful it

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What is Bitcoin and Who Controls It?

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A type of digital money in which encryption methods are used to control the generation of units of currency and to keep and verify the records of transfer of funds. It operates independently without falling under any central bank of its own or any government. Bitcoins can be used for online transactions between people and companies.

This is one of the many definitions of Bitcoin which has become a hot commodity among speculators and investors. It is the first decentralized person

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