Enterprise Agility

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Businesses today exist in a complex, unpredictable environment. The volume, speed and ratio of change are so impactful that it forces companies to change or rethink their strategies before they even reach the final phase of them. Due to such circumstances, organizations are forced to ask themselves, “How do we progress and stay competitive in the ever changing environment”?

The answer lies within “Enterprise Agility”.

There is no fixed definition of enterprise agility, but a good definition can be: A company’s ability

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Using Agile Project Management To Overcome Obstacles

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In my early IT project management career, I encountered many different experiences, challenges and solutions. To sum it all, experience has taught me three things:

No clients knows what they really want until they see it.
Once they see it, it is obvious they will want to change it.
At best, large projects will be challenged; at worst, they will be closed as a failure.

Following this experience, the majority of project managers are planning to, or needing to, change from traditional management methods

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