Strategic Planning and Transformation is Essential For An Organization’s Success

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The ability for business to convert and trend towards technology based solutions, especially cloud technology, has paved the way for rapid implementation and assimilation. Unfortunately, the ability to make changes to the organizational structure itself – workforce deployment, work process and developing employee skills – is not executable at the same pace as the digital counterpart. A majority of such practices have proven to fail in the long term, when, initially, it seems to be the best strategy at the

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Risk Management Made Easy With CA PPM

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The CEO of a company is directly responsible for three main objectives: Corporate Vision, Strategic Direction and Company Performance.

It is up to this individual to guide the overall business strategy, set realistic target goals and define corporate objectives that his or her teams will execute in an effective manner. In a domestic vaccum, this sounds very straighrforward, but because of global competition, which is increasing at a tremendous pace, traditional and linear thinking yeilds less profitability and growth year after

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