The Art Of Automating the Status Report

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Savvy project managers know how to keep their workload simple and efficient by automating as much as possible. The power of having an automated and centralized PPM system can really extend the ability of the project manager by maximizing their time and effort to complete tasks.
Most project managers spend the majority of their day in meetings. This doesn’t leave them much time to complete their core deliverables which are: 1) Update the Project Plan. 2) Update the Status Report &

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Project Planning vs Just Getting it Done

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Many moons ago, when I was a young techy just starting out, I joined a dotcom as a software developer. I thought this was the coolest thing ever! I worked for a company where everyone was young and cool, and the atmosphere was so different than my previous corporate jobs. I thought it was amazing how young professionals could lead a company and create a culture that was so vastly different than traditional Corporate America.
What I liked most about this

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CA PPM Collaboration – Project Management Made Simple

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Integrate Your Project Assets With CA PPM

Most Project Managers today utilize three tools when managing projects:

A Scheduling Tool (like MS Project)
MS Word (Agendas, Action Items, etc…)
MS Excel (Risk & Issues Log)

The challenge with this is there is no integration, centralization or collaboration between the three tools. If the Project Manager (‘PM’) adds a risk to the risk and issues spreadsheet, how is the impact to the project schedule quantified? How is risk assigned to other team members for resolution? How do

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Three Steps To Make CA PPM Implementations Easier!

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CA PPM is a Project Portfolio Management system built to handle many projects, resources and transactions all at the same time. Because CA PPM is an enterprise class application, there are many bells and whistles that go along with it. The following are a few steps to help keep the implementation process easier:

Have a Clear Vision for CA PPM – The first step is to build a roadmap for where you want to go as an organization with CA PPM. If Portfolio

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