Accelerate Your Clinical Trials Process With GPMS’ New Clinical Regulatory Intelligence Tool

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In the world of clinical trials and medicinal testing, there is an extended series of tasks and review processes that must take place well before the trials can even begin, let alone before a finalized medicine can be launched to market for commercial use by people.

Recently, Global Portfolio Management Systems has aligned with the clinical trials industry, creating and implementing useful tools to help manage various aspects of the clinical trials workflow, from site selection and physical clinical trials management,

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The Double Edged Sword Of CA PPM

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Most Project Managers Love Living With It. Some Attempt To Get By Without It. Here’s Why The Latter Isn’t Wise In A Digital Decision-Making World

This Is Why PPM Solutions Make The Difference

In all my experience in the project management world, I firmly believe an organization cannot manage multiple projects without a centralized system that supports process, collaboration and planning simultaneously. For a multitude of reasons, CA PPM is my first choice for a comprehensive PPM solution, but I do acknowledge that

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