CA PPM CTM – First Organize then View!

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Why does CA PPM CTM make Clinical Trial Management so much easier?

The answer is simple: CA PPM CTM first develops a model to help organize the data! By having the data organized in a particular manner, the data can be easily viewed thus allowing managers to understand what is happening in their projects and programs. When organizations implement any enterprise tool, if there is no governance, the application will be used like an ad hoc reporting engine and then the organization

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CA PPM for Clinical Trial Management – The Key is in the structure

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CA PPM CTM – The Key is in the structure

Why do so many Pharma and CRO companies struggle with the management of Clinical Trials? The solution does not begin at the project level. The solution begins at a much higher level. In order to manage various tasks and submissions, the projects must adhere to a structure that makes sense to the organization; however, the structure must be scalable enough as to not drive the project managers crazy in trying to figure

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