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Providing Project & Portfolio Management Solutions

Welcome to Global Portfolio Management Systems. We are an IT solutions and consulting company specialized in custom portfolio and project management systems. Our team of IT consultants, project managers, solution architects and trainers are here to help you create the most efficient project management experience. We can develop a project management software solution that makes sense for you, implement that program for your organization and train your project team to get the most from it. Our goal is to identify your project needs and to give you the tools to streamline your project’s workflow and resources so you can complete your project on time and within budget.


Proven Project Portfolio Management Applications

At Global Portfolio Management Systems, we develop our solutions with the most advanced project portfolio management applications. We utilize:

  • CA PPM
  • Microsoft EPM
  • PD Ware

Our team is here to help you leverage these applications and design a project management solution that is customized for your business needs. Within each of these applications, we can customize a solution that coincides with your business methodology and processes. From a centralized reporting dashboard, project managers and executives can monitor and analyze all aspects of the project throughout its lifecycle. From portfolio management, project management and resource management, to financial management, time management and resource allocation, our solutions will provide visibility and transparency for your organization to efficiently achieve your goals.

CA PPM for Clinical Trials Management & Principal Investigator Database

Our Principal Investigator Database suite (PIDB) is a set of tools developed to provide insight and automation of the clinical workflow process, effectively streamlining your clinical trial management efforts. In tandem with our CA PPM Clinical Trials Management software, you have the ability to research, analyze and comply with all regulatory deliverables while simultaneously structuring the design and relationships between indications, compounds, studies and submissions of your clinical trials. CA PPM for Clinical Trials Management enables you to report on all the activity between projects, keep track of multiple clinical trials, share plans, tasks and schedules to support the entire clinical trial lifecycle. It is a clinical trial suite unlike any other on the market. And with Global Portfolio Management Systems as your consultant and service provider, we can structure custom solutions to support your organization’s individual goals and needs, including:

  • Custom software design and architecture.
  • Custom project templates.
  • Custom workflow management for collaborations.
  • CTM reporting features.
  • Custom CTM dashboards for snapshot analysis.

We are redefining the way clinical trials are managed and executed, providing the most effective and efficient solutions available.

GPMS Works With Your Team Seamlessly

Global Portfolio Management Systems creates a bridge to success between your project goals and the challenges caused by the implementation of a project management and reporting software tool. Our motto is: “Don’t let the challenges of implementing an enterprise application stop your organization’s initiatives from progressing.” By working with GPMS, you will have at your fingertips:

  • Expert installations & upgrades for CA PPM, PD Ware or Clarity CTM.
  • Application configuration & setup.
  • A designated administration team & support consultants.
  • Custom reporting measures & dashboards.
  • On-site training & best practices coaching.
  • Process engineering for optimal results.

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